Would you like to be in with a chance to win £1,000 four times a year and importantly help the school raise money?


The £1,000 club is a major source of income for the school and so easy to join.

You pay the PA £15.00 per quarter (just £60 per year!) and each of these payments enters you into a prize draw where the number of members dictates the prize on offer.



First Prize (Per Quarter)

5 Consolation Prizes





























The more members we have the larger the cash prize, in June 2015 we were able to pay out £1,000.00 to one lucky member for the first time in 11 years.

There are 5 consolation prizes on offer too. A cash prize is on offer every three months (so you have the opportunity to win 4 times a year!)but more importantly it is a substantial generator of funds for the PA.

100% of the money is either paid out in prizes or goes to the PA which allows us to buy equipment and directly benefit the school.

Joining is very simple. Attached is an application form which can be handed into the school office in an envelope marked for the attention of Natalie Moloney £1,000 Club

1000 Club Application Form

Alternatively, please contact Natalie for further details: nataliemoloney@hotmail.co.uk

Good luck!