St Edmund’s Parents’ Association Committee Members


Chair                           Louise Cole           

Vice Chair                   Carolina Leney      

Secretary                    Kelly Smith

Treasurer                    Monica Elliott       

PA Administrator       Sarah Sswerwanga

Communications Team      

Mobile App                Patriona Briggs  

Website                      Katie McGrath 

family_3.jpg Class rep tasks can include:-


  • Arranging class social activities
  • Maintaining an email/phone contact list for all parents (who want to)
  • Appealing for volunteers for school events such as Pancake café, the May procession, new Reception parents’ coffee morning, Year 6 Leavers Mass as well as PA fundraising events
  • Acting as a liaison between the PA and the class – this will usually entail forwarding on emails from the PA to the class
  • Some Class Reps are happy to organise class gifts for the teachers at Christmas and end of year if that is what the class wishes to do
  • It can be a shared role – many classes have one or two, or even 3 reps working together

Academic Year 2017-2018 Class Reps


Class              Class Rep Name(s)

Nursery AM  : TBD

Nursery PM  : TBD

RL : Siobhan Ritchings & Anna Bennett

RM : Catherine Tappin & Aimee Monteith

1W  Suzanne Grundy & Keveen Curran

 1P Anita Taaffe , Pauline Nolan  

2D  Clodagh McKernan & Monica Kingsland 

2J  Nicky Appleby 

3G Natalie Jolliffe & Amanda Gallagher

3C Siobhan Harrison & Amanda Gallagher

4N Anita Bertolla & Gulbir Singh

4G Marella Robinson & Karina Telesia    

5T  Rachel Roberts & Kathryn James 

5D Laura Gordon & Christine Madigan 

6R Fiona Quinn & Louise Wells

6B Pauline McCarthy

Please ask in the school office for class rep contact details